The new Ethnologue website finally went live this morning.

Not all parts are as finished as we wanted them to be (eg. still waiting on the ability to sell printed books), but e-commerce has been added to the website so that people can now purchase digital country reports, individual maps, and if you have the bucks, the Global Dataset.

The other big addition is that now people can give direct feedback if they see an error. This means that if a native speaker from any language in the world happens to be browsing the Ethnologue entry for his language and sees something that is incorrect or incomplete, he can immediately provide feedback.

And if you keep track of such things, the newest world language count is 7,106.

I’m not forgetting that Gary said he would clean his office “when the Ethnologue is finished.” 🙂

Solomon Islands  Ethnologue - Google Chrome_2014-04-25_13-22-13


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