Weekend Update

I have some great grandbaby photos that I will post this week, but first an update about our weekend.

First of all, it was so nice to have the Ethnologue “finished.” It is never really finished of course, but this particular milestone was about 3 months late.

Friday night I finished decorating my latest cake that Rachel volunteered me to make! Another one of her friends having another baby. Rachel actually helped me a bit with this one, which was great for me and my broken leg. The nursery was navy chevrons with orange accents.



Saturday we got up early to host a birder colleague for breakfast. Poor British man had never seen a hummingbird–and his life list was over 700!! Correcting that hole in his data was easy for us, and he also had a second lifer on his walk here–Western Kingbird.

I should also give you an update on my broken ankle. It is feeling some better, and the dr. said I could start walking with the boot after one week if I felt like it, so I did that some on Friday. By Friday night I was in more pain so Saturday I spent more time with the leg elevated and with ice. That seemed to help and it felt better again today. I am back to doing the driving (which is better: a blind driver or a lame one??) but Gary has to sling the walker in and out of the car for me. I can manage the crutches, but I don’t like using them. The foot is still black and blue, still sore in several places besides the bone break. I guess it must be sprained as well as broken because it seems like all the tendons and ligaments hurt too! That said, I am getting around a bit better. Gary hopes I’m fairly independent by next Saturday as he is going to Washington DC for a few days.

I miss doing my independent birding, but Gary has been helping me do some anyway. Yesterday I sat in the front yard and studied the hummingbirds–Black-Chinned or Ruby-Throated? And when I have male Painted Buntings showing up in the backyard, I shouldn’t complain too much! This early evening he took me in the wheelchair on the gravel trail next door, and I saw a Baltimore Oriole.



We taught our Sunday School classes today and that went well. Then to El Mana because Gary hadn’t eaten a pupusa for an entire month! I spent some time at Rachel’s house this afternoon while Gary slept through the golf on TV. Yep, nice relaxing day!


One Response to “Weekend Update”

  1. Janet Cover Says:

    Great grandbaby pictures?? You are aging fast!!!!

    Janet Cover 6634 Sarah Drive Dallas, TX 7523 Cell 972-342-0731

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