More Cute Grandbaby Photos

They always make a good blog post!

Isabella seems to find lots of fun things to do, including riding her bike. I hear she is making strides in learning Spanish, albeit in a somewhat unusual way. It is great she is learning so she will be able to talk to her abuela.



photo (1)

David sent this photo recently and seems to even know what a German bearded iris is! Speaking of cute Micah, I got an email from my watercolor artist and she says she has started the Micah portrait and she likes how it is turning out. But she did say it would still be a few more weeks as she is also trying to prepare for a couple shows she is in.


In other news, Gary got home safely from Washington DC and seems to be happy with his talks with the folks at the LOC. He is planning on Waxhaw and Berlin next month.

We hear a rumor that Wendell and Judy have gotten a new computer.

My leg is doing better–a week from tomorrow I go back to the dr.

And the best news of the day: we had a couple inches of much-needed rain.


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