The Good and the Bad

We’ll start with the good. It appears Micah had a early birthday celebration with Nanna and Emma had a late one, and that the party theme was BALLOONS! Sarah made a cute set of cakes! David missed out because he was home in Portland spending the weekend on call while his family went to Washington.



The bad news is that on Saturday our car went kaput again, though it was nice enough to do so in Rachel’s driveway. We tried jumping it, Rachel’s neighbor also tried, but no luck. I have both the tow truck and the garage in my cell phone address book, so the call was easy. Or as Rachel said, “How sad is it that your mechanic knows you by name?” Or as Gary says, “It’s just money!” True enough–life’s problems that can be solved by money are the easy ones. Anyway, after giving up $650 or so, this car will have a new starter, two new tires, and a “free” ride in a tow truck. We are grateful that Rachel is nearby, and works at home, so we can borrow her car.



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