Summer Travel Season has Begun

About 24 hours ago Andrew called me from the Ithaca airport while he was waiting for the plane to start the first leg of his flight to Ethiopia. He will be there about 6 weeks, but one week of that time will include a side trip to Istambul for a conference.

The day before he left he sent me these photos of Isabella getting her T-ball medal and an attempt at a group photo (reminds me of herding cats…).


photo (1)

As far as I know, Laura and Isabella will stay put in Ithaca for the summer. Laura will be working her regular job, and Isabella has an all-day summer camp to go to each day. We will be praying for them while Andrew is away, as well as praying for Andrew’s safety and progress on his projects.

Gary leaves on Sunday to go to Waxhaw for a couple days of meetings. We’ll leave for the airport right after singing the choir anthem. He comes home very late on Tuesday night, then leaves for Germany on Thursday where he will be for ISO meetings and a visit with our German daughters Sandra and Doro.

Rachel’s school year has ended and she attended graduation last Monday in a nearby town. Here is a photo of her with a student she started with 6 years ago.


Her summer hours are officially reduced to 6 per day, and she’s off on vacation next week as well. I’ll be vacating with her since Gary is gone next week anyway, and we’ll try to find some fun stuff to do around the metroplex for a staycation.


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