Catch Up

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post. I guess I’ve been busy driving Gary to the airport and going on va/stay-cation with Rachel. I have a few photos to share from our week, but I will do that later.

Gary was in Waxhaw June 14-17, and came home with a broken suitcase. Rachel and I scoured the city for a replacement that would accommodate his giant laptop–not easy, and definitely not cheap! He made it safely to Germany on Thursday/Friday, but not without a fiasco with his hotel. Our colleague had made the hotel bookings, and when she tried to amend Gary’s booking to add another day, the hotel misunderstood and canceled his original booking and gave him only the additional day. Seemed the hotel was also fully booked, so no room was available. Emails flew back and forth between me, her, and a Microsoft friend who was at the same conference. In the end, she moved into someone else’s room for one night, Gary slept in her room, and then for the remaining nights he was able to get a room in a nearby hostel (which was “nicer, had free wifi, and was 12 Euros/night cheaper” so he wasn’t too upset.

He also made it from Berlin to Hannover to visit our exchange daughter Doro and it sounds like he had a great time as she fixed him a meal, took him to her church, and went out for ice cream. He also said his speech on Saturday went well, and we’ll see how the rest went. He expects to visit our first exchange daughter Sandra as well before coming home on Thursday.

I’ve heard a little from Andrew. He is in Ethiopia and working hard. He makes a side trip to Istambul next week, then back to Addis. Isabella’s 6th birthday is on Thursday, which means it has been a year since we’ve seen her. I hate that we all live so far apart! Note to Laura: Isabella’s gifts were mailed today, look for a small box to arrive soon.

Saturday was David and Sarah’s 6th anniversary, so I hope they found a little way to celebrate.

Rachel is back to work with a week of testing, but it is only in Duncanville, so she doesn’t have to drive far, but she does have to be there at 7am.

Tomorrow I go back to the orthopedist for a report on my leg. I’ve been walking on it for a couple weeks now, but there is still some pain, especially going down stairs. Also, it feels odd to go barefoot, not sure why.

OK, that is the summary update. I’ll organize my photos soon so you can see what Rachel and I did last week.


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