God is Still Watching Over Her

This isn’t the first time.

A couple days ago Rachel got an email from her mortgage company saying her account had been blocked due to three failed attempts at logging in. Well, she had not tried to log in at all and thus started a bit of detective work to find out why she got this email, who was trying to hack her, was the email an phishing attempt, and so on. An attempt to verify the phone number led to the pile of 2014 receipts where we located only one such paper from her mortgage company. Thinking it was odd that there was only one there, instead of 6 for the six months of payments made this year, we examined the paper more closely. It was dated the middle of March and it was AN ESCROW REFUND CHECK FOR $440! What?? The tiny print said “not valid if cashed over 180 days from date.”

Rachel checked–it was the 127th day! So off to the bank she went, half a mortgage payment richer than she had been a minute before.

As for the rest of the story, she did eventually get a hold of a real human at the mortgage company who said that it looked like there was another person with a very similar username, and that is how the three failed attempts had come about. If some other Rachel out there had not forgotten her username, our Rachel would never had found the check. God works in mysterious ways!


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