Don’t Eat the Curry!

Gary woke up this morning with his throat half swollen shut. It has been a while since he’s had this reaction, but it pretty bad this morning. I made curry two days ago and he ate it two days in a row, and I guess it was just too much for him. We’ve self-analyzed that he is sensitive to salicylates and curry is on the top of the list of spices with them. So he has taken his benedryl and will probably fall asleep during his boss’s staff meeting which started at 8am.

While we’re grumbling about not feeling well, I will say that my broken leg isn’t broken any more but I still keep getting odd pains in my leg and foot. I wish I better understood what really happened when I broke my ankle, because it seems like lots of tendons and ligaments and muscles had to heal as well as the bone. My walking endurance isn’t very high–one lap around the mall with Rachel and I’m ready to call it quits.

In other news, I made two sets of vegan, soy-free cupcakes for a wedding last Saturday. Two sets because the first set collapsed. I tweaked the recipe for the second set and they were much better. I ended up repurposing the failed ones by filling in the cavity with too much icing and taking them to the church potluck! Those kids will eat anything sweet. The second set were ready to take to the wedding with 30 minutes to spare. And it was a lovely wedding, daughter of one of our colleagues.



In the week since my last blog I’ve received a couple cute photos from David and Sarah, but no comments included, so I don’t really know where they were taken. But it looks like they were having some fun with the other grandma.




Lastly, Andrew emailed me and said he was on his way home from Ethiopia. I haven’t heard yet that he made it, but we’be been praying for his safe travels (esp. with all the bad news we’ve been hearing about airplanes these days). I think he barely says hello to his family and then is off to Minnesota for another conference before driving to Michigan for the big upcoming birthday party.


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