Vacation Update, midway point

We’ve been having a nice vacation so far. The weather was cold and rainy the first day or so (we even drove through a hail storm), but it has improved since then.

The Red Cottage is a pretty nice place and we are all finding places to sleep, though maybe not exactly as the owners had planned. Special thanks go to Kathy W for providing a portable crib and small mattress for the grandkids! Gary and I have made the glassed in porch our little spot. The light comes in early in the morning so we are awake pretty early, but going to bed early too.

Gary and I have gone birding twice so far. The Crystal sewer ponds turned out to be a pretty good spot, One of the workers saw us on the outside road with our binoculars and invited us in through the DO NOT TRESPASS sign.

We’ve hung out with Debbie and mom a few times and gone out to eat a time or two, including at the Petticoat Junction. Yesterday we stopped by and saw where Deb works.

David, Sarah, Micah and Emma arrived yesterday safely but exhausted after their overnight flght to Chicago then 4-hour drive here. We kept the kids awake for the afternoon while they slept a few hours. Then we had a BBQ dinner and we all went to bed early. So far only Gary and I have gotten up this morning.

We are awaiting Andrew, Laura and Isabella. Andrew’s flight home to Ithaca yesterday afternoon was delayed, so they got a late start. We hope they made it as far as Erie, PA by car last night we we look for their arrival sometime this afternoon.

We’ve been taking photos and I’ll put the link to the web album below. I will add more photos to this album as the week progresses. Click on the photo below to see the entire album of photos.

14-07-29 Vacation in MI, mom's 80th

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