The Weekend is Here

Well, it is Friday night and we’re listening to the Rangers on TV. The bad, bad, bad Rangers, I must say.

We also finished the puzzle we started while on vacation. Gary and I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles with Rachel from time to time, so we bought ourselves one while visiting the Mennonite vegetable market outside of Butternut, MI during our trip. We worked on it for a couple of days, but once Micah showed up, it soon became obvious that we needed to buy him his own puzzle and put this one away. Which we did.


Sad to say, it looks like a couple pieces went missing–we can either blame Micah or the fact that we had to pack it up in the midst of a rush to vacate The Red Cottage. 🙂


In other news, one day this week I got up early and went birding at Cedar Hill State Park. It was cool, in the high 60s, and I watched the supermoon set as the sun arose.



I spent quite a bit of time cleaning the apartment this week, with a bit of help from Gary.  Two different sets of folks have been using it.  My two other main accomplishments for the week were to rearrange the furniture (again!) and to mail the framed Micah portraits off to their owners.



Tomorrow we’re making a trip to Arlington to meet Anna Claire, Stella and Matt’s baby.  Should be fun.


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