Sports Round-Up

On Friday, Gary reminded us that 25 years ago, we had watched Rangers’ Pitcher Nolan Ryan strike out his 5000th batter. That is a lot of KO’s! I remembered that for some odd reason, Andrew wasn’t there, which was strange, since he was a true Ryan fan. Gary didn’t believe me until Andrew confirmed that yes, he had gone to spend the weekend with a friend, whose name he can’t even remember. (photo stolen from the internet)

In other baseball news, Gary has been quite the Little League fan this weekend. Minutes ago the South Korean team beat the South Chicago team, in a good game. And it was pretty amazing about Mo’ne Davis who gives new meaning the the phrase “you throw like a girl.” (photo stolen from Sports Illustrated)

And can you believe how bad the Rangers have gotten? I do believe they have the worst record in the MLB at the moment! Sad.

As for me personally, the only sports one can do in this heat is the occasional dip in Rachel’s pool and maybe a few rounds on the stationary bike while watching some TV.


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