Visit to the Skin Doctor

Or, as Grandpa W. puts it, to the “dermatological den of horrors.” It was only two months since the last skin cancer was removed, but we didn’t want to wait to have a couple things looked at. The dr. removed the wart just under his eye, and took a slice off something on the tip of his nose.
He said the shot in his nose was one of the most painful things he has ever felt! At least the assistant warned him first!

It will be several days before we get the pathology report.

In other medical news, I decided to try to get my annual eye exam done before we have another deductible to start on in October. I was able to get an appointment tomorrow with a brand new dr. at the practice where we’ve been going for years. Turns out he was a student with David at BCM in Houston.

Other than going to the doctor or to work, we’re trying to get a newsletter out, so look for that in your mailbox in the coming days.


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