Bad, then Better

Yesterday, I felt down. No real reason, but today I feel better.

After we got home from our Michigan trip, it appeared our expensive Baby Emma tree was dying. Not sure if the neighbor boy watered it too much or too little, but the leaves became all spotted, and then all brown, and then fell off. But the stems didn’t fall off, which seemed odd. Anyway, today Gary noticed it has come back to life! Look at this new growth, even though it is fall.

And while he was discovering that, he also found this huge rainbow. (Photos of rainbows never turn out as good as the real thing.) If you look closely, you can see the dead leaves on the Emma tree just below the rainbow.

Then there was the case of the broken mug. Gary was mourning the loss of his constant companion of 20 years. I mounted a search for a replacement through every cupboard in the Key Building kitchen and sent out the sad news to one and all that no replacement could be found. But then, Auntie Carol to the rescue! She is donating hers to Gary to make things better.

Lastly, I was wondering why never get to listen to my music. I don’t have an iPod, and my music is all stuck on CDs or on my computer. Then I set my mind to it and discovered how to share my music from my computer to my tablet, moved the tablet to the living room, added speakers, and YES! I have music again. (I’m sure anyone under 30 could have done this task in a fraction of the time…)


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