Trying to Keep Busy

I have starting making stuff again, using up odds and ends of stuff I have around the house during odds and ends of time.


I made another bag today, this time a smaller “messenger” bag, just the right size and shape for carrying to work. (My old bag that my sister got for me several years ago, has finally worn out.) I took the earlier one I had made for this purpose, and put different handles so I could use it in a different way. I’m kinda experimenting with different styles and techniques.

I also made this:

And when I say I made it, I really mean that Auntie Carol made the two placemats and I repurposed them into a carrier for a 9X13 cake pan. The wooden spoon closure idea was something I saw on the internet. Carol made 6 of the placemats for us, but they are quite large, and all six won’t fit on our table, only 4 will fit. So I thought I’d get more use out of them by doing this. I hope she doesn’t mind!!

And I’ve also been making a few greeting cards. I will probably end up giving some of these away for Christmas gifts.



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