September Camping, Part 1–Camp Food

Gary and I went camping for two nights this past week. We took half of Thursday and all day Friday off work. This timing is necessary due to all the church commitments on Sundays that are hard to hand off to others.

There was a huge difference in the look and feel between the two nights. Thursday we had the entire place to ourselves, which was really nice. Rachel joined us for dinner and spent the night, then ran off early Friday to get back to work by 8am. But by 8am Friday the weekend crowd started to show up. In some cases folks would come in and set up their tent or camper, then leave for the day and not return until evening. Our quiet little spot had a three Indian brothers on one side and Boy Scout troop on the other. I told Gary from now on we are going to camp only during the middle of the week so we can have some peace and quiet!

We usually try to prepare all meals over an open fire, though we saw neighbors with gas grills, gas burners, electric kettles and microwaves! We loaded up an old bird seed bag with firewood–this meant no-mess cleanup of the car.
Our campsite had a nice little “kitchen counter” retaining wall that was very handy.

Our first dinner was grilled shrimp and grilled veggies and corn on the cob. The corn didn’t work so well, but the other things were great.

Baked apples for dessert, followed by s’mores, of course.

Friday morning breakfast was French toast and sausage, but we were in such a hurry to eat so Rachel could drive home to work by 8am that we didn’t take any photos. Lunch was grilled chicken sausages–very spicy fajita seasoned.
Dinner was red potatoes cooked in foil packets with onion soup mix flavoring and bacon, and grilled chicken. The potatoes turned out better than the chicken. But not to worry about going hungry because our nice Indian neighbors brought us each a plate of spicy Indian curry, fried fish, rice and one of those shrimp cracker things

Breakfast on Saturday morning was an experiment, not one I’m likely to repeat unless desperate. I had seen a YouTube of an outdoors man making fried eggs and bacon in a paper bag so I had to try it too.

Step one: cut the bacon in half and use a piece to grease the inside of your bag.
Step two: line the bottom of the bag with 4 half-slices of bacon.
Step three: crack two eggs on top.
Step four: close bag and place on hot coals.
Step five: wait 15 minutes
Step six: eat

This process did actually work, and we did eat the bacon and eggs. But the bacon stuck to the bottom of the bag pretty bad, so it was hard to deal with. I have no idea why the paper bags didn’t catch on fire!


2 Responses to “September Camping, Part 1–Camp Food”

  1. kathy waldron Says:

    have you tried putting egg in ziplock sandwich bag with all the extras you like sausage, peppers, onions, cheese, salt pepper etc, then shake all up and drop in pot of boiling water and whalla!! egg omlete. You can put four bags in a pot at a time, serve over toast no fuss or mess.

  2. Linda Says:

    I have never heard of that idea, but I would love to try it!

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