Camping Trip, Part 2–Plants and Animals

The lake level at Cedar Hill State Park is quite high in comparison to other area lakes, but the ground itself is very dry and cracked. We really need rain! Driest September on record, they say.

Anyway, here are some plants we saw: The first two in the collage are the before and after photos of the same plant. This plant, whose name I do not know, has caused my sock drawer to be depleted since the stickers are almost impossible to remove from knit or elastic fabrics! I also don’t know the name of the lovely purple wild flower, but I furshur know what poison ivy looks like, even in the fall!


This little fella got in the car because we forgot to roll up the windows–baby Texas Spiny Lizard.

We saw this clever spider on our hike. It makes a funnel and the insects just fall on in.

Saw these sets of tracks along the lake–I’d guess raccoon.


And here is the Western Diamondback that Gary saved me from! Gary was ahead of me on a hiking trail and saw it slither on the path. He stopped and put out his arms so I would stop too, ever saying a word. Later he mentioned that he couldn’t tell the head from the tail!


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