Camping Trip, part 3–the Birds

A week ago we were camping and I got two lifers. The second one was a warbler, and I think it was a Nashville Warbler. Of course, it didn’t hold still very long, and they are quite difficult to ID.

The first one, I didn’t see at all, but I did hear it–Eastern Screech Owl. The first night I heard it call three times, one time very close to the tent at about 1:30am. Everyone else was asleep. The second night it called again, near daybreak, and Gary was awake to hear it too. When we got home we looked up all the possible owl choices, listened to each of them and decided what it was.

We saw a few birds and got a few photos–Downey Woodpecker, Osprey, Eastern Phoebe, and Green Heron.

We still have humming birds here on October 3. Still warm and we still need rain. But yesterday we got some heavy rain for a few minutes preceded by 5 minutes of very high winds. We lost a couple branches and several trees at the Center went down. Rachel was without power for over 12 hours so she slept here last night and worked here until noon. Here’s a very short video of the rain in the front yard.


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