We still have hummingbirds. I’m still making nectar and saving them from spiders.



I have only heard a tiny bit from Gary in Bangkok. I know he got there safely and easily, has a nice private room, and is waking up too early. He gets home Sunday and leaves again on Tuesday, but for a shorter trip. Speaking of waking up early, I got up to view the eclipse, but my photos were terrible:

Rachel is busy with her job and keeps thinking it is going to slow down now that beginning of the year crunch is past, but so far it hasn’t. She did get a nice end-of-year bonus and a little raise. I was proud of her for using some of her savings to make a chunk payment on the principal of her mortgage payment. She and I went out to eat because the restaurant was donating a portion to our church’s fundraiser. I had yummy chicken under a brick. Not sure what that means, but it was good.


Our friend Stan was scheduled to come stay with us next week, but called and canceled. He said “old age” was stopping him. Sad. Speaking of old age and sad, one of our single choir members passed away this morning after a short bout with a very aggressive cancer. We may end up with his cat.


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