Gary’s Home Again

His short trip to Austin went well, and he got home safely this afternoon.

Has anyone else been noticing how depressing the news is these days? The ebola news from the Dallas hospital has been kinda scary (that was the hospital where Isabella was born). I mean, if we have two surprise cases of ebola in an environment where the doctors and nurses are trained, the equipment is wonderful, the supplies are abundant and people are educated–if the disease is still transmitted so easily in these circumstances, can we even begin to imagine what is going on in West Africa?? It doesn’t take long to do the math…

Yesterday morning my colleague and I skipped work (our husbands and bosses were out of town) and went birding. We saw 30 species at Cedar Hill state park, including a Spotted Towhee. A few ducks have arrived, and I managed to ID a Vesper sparrow and a Savannah sparrow (verified by the eBird police).




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