Festival of Hope

Last night we participated in the 2nd annual Festival of Hope. It was a time of choir singing and storytelling, games for the kids, food vendors, etc. The weather was good, if a bit warm. The sun was in our eyes for the first hour, but by the time we sang it was OK. The point of the event, sponsored by our church, was to raise money for our local food bank, Duncanville Outreach Ministry. We were happy that Rachel joined us for the choir part, and we really enjoyed the DHS choir who performed both with us and by themselves–they’re really good.



I won a computer at the raffle. I would have preferred winning the airline tickets, but… The computer is an old XP system. I’m hoping I could actually make it work well enough to use it in my Sunday School class, but it might not even be good enough for that! We’ll see. It is sitting on the dining room table right now.

Speaking of unopened computers, Gary got a very new, very high end computer for home, but he hasn’t had time to turn it on yet! At least he is now home from travels and probably we won’t go anywhere until we go to Portland in early January. We’ve begun corresponding with the church there as to which Sunday is better for them–Jan 4 or Jan 18. The Sunday between those two dates is when Gary will be giving his presentation at the LSA annual meeting.


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