Christmas Shoebox Time

If my three grandchildren lived near me, I would have done this project with them, one at a time. Alas, I am not so fortunate, so I had to substitute filling a Christmas Child shoebox on behalf of each grandchild, instead of with them.

Instead of using a real shoebox (I could only find one) I bought plastic storage boxes for $.97 each.  They could be useful in and of themselves.  Rachel went with me to Walmart and we picked out stuff for three children, keeping in mind the gender and ages of the three grandchildren.  We found a ball for each kid, a shirt, some socks, some colored pencils, a toothbrush, a stuff sock monkey, and so on.




If you look closely, you can see that I added a Christmas card into which I pasted a photo of each grandchild.  I packed the boxes up, added tracking labels, which I got online after I prepaid the $7 each suggested shipping offering.  Then drove them over to Rachel’s house because she has a connection with the local Baptist College where they are collecting the shoeboxes for delivery to North Carolina.




If I remember correctly, one year Andrew was involved with some of the Operation Christmas Child boxes–they have to be inspected to make sure no war items, liquids, or chocolate is included.


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