In The Beginning

Today a small spacecraft named Philae made a soft landing on a comet 317 million miles away. Is that cool, or what?

Included in that coolness is the fact that the parallel text of Genesis 1-3 in 1500 languages is circling that comet too in the form of a Rosetta disk.

Over 10 years ago each of our kids was hired by the Long Now Foundation, as part of their Rosetta Project, to scan materials out of the archive at work. These materials were word lists, grammars, phonology statements, etc and texts–Genesis 1-3 in particular, in as many languages as we had in our archive. The Rosetta project etched these parallel texts onto a small nickel disk and one of these disks made its way to another Rosetta project–the spacecraft that left earth over 10 years ago and has been circling a comet for several weeks. The spacecraft actually is in two parts–the mother ship and the lander.

This photo, stolen from the Long Now, shows a red arrow pointing to the Rosetta disk affixed to the spacecraft prior to launch. The webpage from which this photo came is here.

The one of the stated missions of the Rosetta project is to learn more about the origins of the universe. Seems like they might have some of the clues about that already on board–in 1500 languages!

(Sorry for the broken links–fixed now, I think!)


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