Visiting Evelyn and Florence

Gary and I had appointments at the lab to have blood drawn this chilly morning, so we decided we’d take the rest of the morning for breakfast and visiting some coworkers who now reside at Grace Presbyterian Village.

The blood draw was not too eventful. Only three tries to find my vein and Gary didn’t get woozie at all.

Breakfast was pretty much a fail. We avoided McDonalds because last time we went for Egg McMuffins, all they had was sausage biscuits. So we tried Wendy’s and that was even worse–no breakfast at all so we ate burgers instead, and I still have a stomach ache.

But then we did have a good visit at the assisted living home. We visited Marianna but she was in pretty bad shape and didn’t really even notice us. Then we visited John, and he isn’t doing well either, but he had his Bible open and was taking prayer requests from his buddies. Then we saw Evelyn. She seemed physically pretty good, very cheerful, and happy to see us. She repeated everything three or four times and really didn’t know us, but still seemed very happy we came. Then we saw Florence who can’t see much anymore but could carry on a good conversation even though she couldn’t remember many of the details of the story she wanted to tell us. Still, she was very happy we were there.




One Response to “Visiting Evelyn and Florence”

  1. Lois Harmon Says:

    I am so glad you went to visit those friends—Evelyn is the one we know. Your description of your visit with her sounded like mine in July 2013

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