Christmas 2014

It was a fairly quiet Christmas this year for us, mostly because we didn’t travel or have any company. Even so, we kept plenty busy with Christmas concerts, church activities, sending out gifts, and Christmas baking.

We were happy to talk to both Andrew and David and their families today. David and Sarah were in Washington before Christmas, but have to go back to work tomorrow. Their kids were sick and they still aren’t feeling all that well. Andrew and Laura, along with Lorena and Miguelina, took the train to Chicago, but it was three hours delayed and the car company canceled their reservation which turned out to be a big ordeal for them, but eventually they made it to cousin Ralph’s house in Wisconsin.

Speaking of sick, Rachel woke up sick this morning too. No fever, but a stuffy nose, headache, and general malaise.

Thank you to all who sent gifts–we got some nice presents. Especially happy to get a Lab of Ornithology cap to replace the one I lost in Oregon and some new sheets for the bed.

Here’s a photo album of our Christmas. Read the captions to see what we did–they aren’t too long. Best viewed in slideshow mode.

14-12-25 Christmas season 2014

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