The Year is Winding Down

We had church today, but not usual church. Instead we had a Christmas carol sing. We had Sunday School too, but we just watched a Christmas Veggie Tales video.

I’m cleaning up my photos and found a couple more to post. Here is a photo for my kids. On Dec 26 we went to the sometimes-annual post-Christmas get together with the Martins and Fairbanks. My kids were ALL missing, including Rachel who stayed home sick. Julia had already gone back to Chicago, and Emily was still recovering from surgery. This get together meant explaining where all our kids were, and that lead to the revelation that Sharla was born in Beloit, the place Andrew and family are spending the holidays. It was fun to meet Baby Anna–she seems cheerful and smiley, and watching Zeke eat reminded me a lot of Micah–a carb monster! Zeke is expecting a sibling in late April or early May.


Rachel has not been feeling well at all. One night she took two Alka-Seltzer Cold PM and then slept for 16 hours. Hmm, maybe she should only take one next time. On Saturday I nursed her a bit and then Saturday afternoon I replaced or repaired the faucets in two bathtubs at her house. The hardest part was finding the correct replacement part even when I had the old one in my hand. Who knew there were so many different kinds and sizes of bathtub faucet cartridges??



This last photo is just for fun, to show that the sunset the other night was so spectacular I thought the neighbor’s house was on fire!



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