More Plumbing

I had told Gary that what I wanted for Christmas was several hours of his time to help me change out the kitchen faucet. Today was the day! It too a full 4 hours but only one trip to Home Depot. While we were at it, we changed out the two strainer baskets and cleaned out the kitchen and bathroom drains as well (and that part was exceedingly disgusting!)

The dripping has been getting worse and worse for the last couple months.  But this faucet is 30 years old.




Read the instructions first.



Hardest part is getting the old faucet out.







Four hours later, net faucet and sprayer, net strainer baskets and cleaned out drains.



2 Responses to “More Plumbing”

  1. Mary Says:

    Wow, you have spent all those hours and you haven’t even been here yet! Just kidding but you have done a great job and saved a bundle of money.

  2. Faucet Replacement–Again. | Linda's Family News Says:

    […] kitchen faucet we installed just over two years ago had to be replaced again. Ugh! This time we bought the more expensive one in hopes it […]

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