Travel Report: Gary’s Sister and Great-Niece Zoe

Portland is turning out to be a good place for us to visit because not only does our son and his family live there, but Gary’s sister and her family also do. We had barely arrived when we got news that Gary’s niece, Wendi, had given birth prematurely, but that baby Zoe was doing pretty well.

A couple days later, after Gary’s conference was over, we packed Micah and Emma into the car and drove to Tualatin to visit Teresa and Terry, then over to Wendi and Fer’s house with them. We left Micah and Emma to play with their 2nd cousins while Teresa, Wendi, Gary, and I went to the hospital and we got to meet tiny baby Zoe.

Here is a link to photos from that day. Click on the photo to go to the album and read the captions to learn the rest of the story.

15-01-14 Visit Wendi & Fer, Liam, Zoe

Since this visit, we’ve hear that Zoe continues to get stronger and has been moved to a private room, making things a bit more comfortable for her parents.


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