Travel Report: Portland to see David, Sarah, Micah, Emma

We did lots of things and saw lots of people on this trip, but the highlight, of course, was spending time with our grandkids. It is sad that we all live so far apart and get to do this so seldom. Sigh.

One day I was home with Emma only, and we had a sweet, quiet time together. Other days we kept busy with trips to a giant bounce house with some of Sarah’s friends, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, birdwatching at the Tualatin Nature Reserve, a visit with the 2nd cousins, church, and a day at the zoo. David and Sarah live pretty busy lives. David is out of the house before 6:30am to catch the bus to work and usually gets back about 12 hours later. Sarah works 3 days a week, with a long commute after dropping Micah and Emma off at their respective daycares.

In the (long) photo album below you’ll see the soccer ball cake referred to earlier. I guess you’ll just have to ask Micah himself what happened to the second half of the cake, the first half having been shared with friends! 😉

Mostly you’ll see cute kids, one with orange hair! Click on the photo below to go to the online album, and then view in slideshow.

15-01-09 Visit with David Sarah Micah Emma

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