Sunday Catch Up

Today we are having the most beautiful weather! It was so nice yesterday, that poor Gary had to mow the lawn and it is only Feb 8.

Yesterday I delivered a cake and two shapes of cookies for a baby shower with a firefly theme. I got paid quite nicely, comfort for the 4 times I had to clean up the terribly messy kitchen during the baking and decorating process. I also delivered a few gluten-free cookies which I made using a mix and just leaving out some of the liquid so I could make them cutouts, not drop cookies. Not that good, but OK if you can’t eat regular flour.




Last Sunday we visited with a supporter who had a layover at DFW during the Superbowl. I made this bag for her using a new technique and it turned out quite well.

I tried to go birding at the state park this afternoon, but the place was overrun with everyone else enjoying the weather, including a big bike race. Here are a couple photos take last week when I went there in solitude:


Rachel survived her first week of unemployment. She is trying to get all equipment belonging to her former employer packed up and ready to mail back. Part of the process is to destroy all written materials that have to do with students or the school. We started shredding, but that took way too long with her light-duty shredder. So we went to plan B.




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