Update on Sunday

We’re having some cold rainy weather at the moment. Yesterday was warm while Gary mowed the lawn for the second time already this year, and tomorrow they are predicting ice pellets. Ya got to be ready for everything around here.

Yesterday David posted a cute little video of Micah and Emma at the McDonald’s playground. Notice how Emma asks for a hand, then decides she can do it herself. I miss those kids!

No real news about Rachel’s job hunt. She has filled out two applications so far, and she has found some ways to economize. I’m hoping to do her income taxes this week and we hope she will be in line for a refund. Please keep praying for God to provide for her.

The repainting and recarpeting is finished in our offices at work, but no, we haven’t gotten moved back in yet. Gary was so busy FINISHING the Ethnologue. Yes, it is finished. Well, the 18th edition is finished, anyway, and they’re already making changes for the 19th. This week we will work on getting moved back in and try our best to do some cleaning/sorting/throwing away in the process.

Some of you reading this post know Auntie Carol Orwig. She is having a hip replaced on Tuesday and would appreciate our prayers. I plan to spend time with her in the afternoon after her surgery; other friends are taking her to the hospital at 5am. We’re hoping we don’t have icy roads that morning.


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