It Has Been an Odd Day

We knew last night that the Center would be closed today for the second day in a row due to our annual ice storm. My plan was to work on the taxes today

Instead, the day went something like this.

Phone call at 5:04am. Auntie Carol wondering where her ride to the hospital was. She told us to go back to bed and she would call again if needed. She didn’t call back, but we couldn’t really get back to sleep.

I spent quite a bit of time on the phone in the morning talking about Carol getting where she needed to be and others of us helping out in various ways. Somewhere along the morning I talked to Rachel about a possible job she is considering.

I got email saying a friend had passed away.

At 11 am, Gary and I decided to scrape the ice off the car and drive to Carol’s house to collect her suitcase. We managed to do so, driving very slowly, without incident. We parked the car down the road a ways and took this video while walking home.

I made some soup for lunch.

More talking to folks about various things and then I went to Rachel’s house to help her with a couple things. My hands are now purple from refilling her printer cartridges. She gave me back all the cake stuff she borrowed last weekend.

I got an email saying the US State department asking me to remove a certain Facebook post I had put up! Well, they weren’t contacting me directly, but were doing so via a third party. We could still pray for a certain abducted 70 year old, we just couldn’t mention it on social media!

I went to the hospital to visit Carol. She got thru her surgery without incident, though it took a bit longer than expected. I felt just a tad intimidated by all the wires and tubes she was hooked up to, and then when I tried to chat with her, the meds took over and she fell asleep. I’ll probably try again tomorrow.

Gary spent his day writing a couple reviews, one of which he is supposed to even get paid for (50 euros).

We might get even more bad weather tonight, but I expect we will be able to go to work.


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