Easter and post-Easter Update

Holy Week was busy with lots of choir stuff. We performed a little drama+choir thing called the Living Last Supper and it was well attended with many community folks in both the choir and the service.



Good Friday another service in which Gary sang in an acapella quartet, “Were You There?”






Easter Sunday we had our traditional meal with the Martins. Just Rachel and Joel around for kids and they’re getting old too! Sharla always makes a nice table and meal and I brought some desserts.







Rachel’s woes continue to stretch out in length:

  • Her car has been in the shop for 17 days. Each time she checks on it, something else is wrong. Latest problem is they can’t seem to fix the alignment.
  • Her phone has never worked right since moving to Ting about three weeks ago. Ting has been great for our plan, but somehow she can hardly ever get a call to go thru outbound or incoming. Only today she got the voicemail to work. She is on a first name basis with their customer service.
  • Her sewer is still not repaired. 19 days ago the city said it would be two weeks. When she called them yesterday they said it would be 2 more months! I called them back immediately, politely but forcefully explained to the manager how long it had been, how bad the situation was, etc. and he said it would look into it again. Well, whaddayaknow, this morning the city crew showed up to start the multistep process. (Once the city is done, the private plumber has to come and do his part.)


  • She called the state department of assistive and rehabilitative services to get an appointment to try to get some help with her job search, but they can’t even get her an appointment for two weeks.
  • So far only one small bite on advertising to rent her place out.

Prayers on her behalf continue to be appreciated.  In other news, I started to replace the headlight bulb in our car tonight, and the nice renter came out and did it for me.  🙂  This Friday is the last day for one of Gary’s interns, so I need to bake a cake and prepare a dinner for her and her mom who is coming to help her drive home to Florida.  The following week the mom of out other intern is coming and I’ll be repeating this process.

Gary got home safely from his time in Miami–fancy hotel room had two bathrooms and two TVs.  He took one walk on the beach.  Gary continues to be over-busy.  This week’s items of note include figuring out how to sell Ethnologue data to Stanford U. who have been begging for it for many weeks and whether or not to give a code for the language of the itinerant snake-charmers in southern India!

Final note:  the hummingbirds have returned.


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