Preaching, Eating, and Attending a Rutter Premier

Sorry that you all reading this missed hearing Gary preach at church today. He did a good job. I was going to suggest that you could listen to the recording that the church made, but it appears that only 11 minutes of the preliminaries got recorded, and that without sound! Seems like our new equipment has a few bugs to work out…

Then we drove to downtown to have lunch with friends, including John, whose wife died recently. So good to see him. He seemed happy to have a chance to talk with all of us about his loss.

Then this evening Gary went with a work friend to a Presbyterian church in north Dallas to attend a premier of a John Rutter choral piece that someone in that church had commissioned. He returned home enraptured.

Last night we attended a wedding. We drove home in a big storm, just like we did on Friday night after the flute recital we attended then.



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