Camping in the Rain


DSC07197We had been planning to go camping this past Thursday-Saturday for several weeks. Rain was threatening on Thursday, and after a long bout of indecision, we decided to go anyway. Cloudy skies made for pleasant temperatures. We made it through the night with just a few sprinkles and only reinflating the air mattress once.

Gary brought the campfire back to life Friday morning and flipped the pancakes with one hand while holding an umbrella with another

After that there was some birding, and yay! we saw our first Painted Bunting of the season. Also saw about 30 other species all together, including these:



We made it to Friday evening and ate our chicken-feta-spinich dogs with gusto. Then just after eating, my cell phone announced there was a tornado watch for the area. We took cover in the women’s restroom.
The deluge began in earnest and continued for about 45 minutes while we watched, wondering what was becoming of our tent.

When we got there we found the tent had leaked a little, but enough to get our sleeping bag pretty wet. I declared we were going home. So we picked up our clothes and valuables, and headed home, leaving Rachel’s car, the tent, the gear, etc. to wait until morning.

When we got home, this is what we found. Ugh. I called the insurance company and filed a claim, but they said to leave the tree as is until an adjuster contacts us. Don’t know if there is roof damage, but it looks like this Bodark tree finally has to go.
Saturday morning we returned to the park and broke camp in the mud. It took hours to clean everything up, let it dry, and then finally pack it away. While cleaning I looked up and saw about 300 American Pelicans flying over, but you’d hardly think so by this photo!!

Saturday night we attended a wedding–Rachel’s housemate has a new housemate and they plan to finish moving out when they return from their honeymoon.
Today my Sunday School boys suggested we take a selfie together before eating their birthday cake. They both have birthdays this month.


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  1. Fix-It Day | Linda's Family News Says:

    […] All in all, a good day.  Sadly, we decided to cancel our camping trip this coming Th-Sat because all the campsites were already taken for Friday night.  Oh, well.  The last time we went camping was 1.5 years ago when we got rained out and came home to a tree in our roof. […]

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