FINALLY! Sewer Work Begins

Rachel and I drove over by her house today and yay! the city of Duncanville had finally started the repairs to the broken sewer. It was hard for me to figure out exactly what they were doing, but the fact that they were doing something made Rachel and I very happy! They said it won’t be finished today, but should be by the end of Monday.



I called the commercial plumber right away, and looks like he can start the repairs on the second part early next week. It was six weeks ago today that we first contacted got the diagnosis of the sewer problem and promises to get the work started.

In other news, we said goodbye to intern Gabriel Barr who returns to Ithaca, NY where his parents live. He was working on a programming project for the Ethnologue for a 6 month stint and we are grateful for the work he did. Of course, that meant baking a cake for his farewell coffee break. And a trip to Ton’s.

In other news, today is baby Emma’s 2nd birthday–can that be possible?? I will certainly post photos when David and Sarah send them to me!

Lastly, a couple bird photos: a very late Pine Siskin who should be up in Canada by now, and a male Painted Bunting who showed up recently.



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