RIP Aloysius Jack


Maybe a couple of you reading this will recognize the name Aloysius Jack. He was a Solomon Islander who worked with with us on the translation of the Lau NT. Before ever leaving for our first assignment, we asked many people to pray that God would provide at least one Solomon Islander to work with and to train in the work of Bible Translation. Aloysius Jack was God’s answer to that prayer.

S1979-83 Malaita0035

S1979-83 Malaita0025

He was a bright man, but not highly educated. I supposed if he had been educated, he would have had a job in the government instead of with us doing translation work.

S1979-83 Malaita0031

S1979-83 Malaita0027

After working with us on the Lau NT, he went on to be heavily involved in at least the Pijin OT and Baelelea NT. We just heard he passed away two days after suffering a stroke. We aren’t sure how old he was, but we think he was about our age.


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