Time Hurries On and Stuff Piles Up

Since Rachel moved back in with us several weeks ago, we have become increasingly aware of how much stuff we have. We are struggling to fit part of her stuff into our house and have to do so without benefit of the space in the apartment since we have renters. That has made me look for places I could make empty.

I decided to tackle two file drawers full of old finance papers. Anything older than 7 years I am drastically reducing, just keeping the bare minimum for those years (small pile on the left) and throwing away the documentation. The result was two full laundry baskets of papers to get rid of.

That is too much to shred, so Gary had a better idea.



In other news, I saw an unusual bird yesterday and got this photo. I thought it was a female Orchard Oriole, which lives here in the summer, but the ebird police said it was a female Baltimore Oriole, which only migrates through here.




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