Mother’s Day and Dried Nasal Mucus

As I’ve mentioned recently, I’ve been downsizing our financial records. I have nearly completed the process, saving the full complement from the last 7 years, but reducing older piles by 95%.

In the process of doing this chore, I’ve found a bunch more stuff that needed to be sorted through. A couple days ago I came across evidence that I used writing assignments to teach (and to punish) my kids when they were misbehaving. I found this set of writings from some where around 1994 (approximately ages 15, 13, 10) after a Sunday lunch at Taco Bueno with our Kimball church friends.  Click on these scans to read what these repentant children came up with:





Yes, child, I do forgive you.

In other news, it seems the Lord has protected our cars once again.  This happened while we were at church this morning.  Both ours and Rachel’s cars had been parked there.  I dread cutting down our shade trees, but it seems they are coming to the end of their lives.




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