Today’s Progress

Well, the insurance inspector came today and took a good look.  He asked me if there was interior damage, and I said no.  He was a bit surprised.  He wrote us a small check to go on top of the pretty big deductible.


Then this evening I called our neighbor, Dave DelMedico, to ask if he could come do the repairs, or suggest someone who could.  While I was on the phone with him I decided to look in the piano room for damage–ugh!  Yes, there was a wet spot on on the ceiling.  I had actually only looked in the living room but the hole in the roof was right above the wall dividing the living and dining.  I’m sure we would have gotten more money if I had noticed that sooner!  In fact, I think I need to call the guy back and mention that.

So, it seems the tarp isn’t holding completely AND they’ve predicted several days more of rain.  Fun.

In other news, the commercial plumbers came and finished the cement work on Rachel’s sewer.  I tried to get her to initial it, but she chickened out.  The city still needs to come do the repaving or their part.


We packed a couple more boxes at her house, emptied the refrigerator and cleaned under it, and turned it off.  Making progress, a little each afternoon.

In other news, we took Gary to the airport for a short trip to Waxhaw.  We have to pick him up at 10pm Wednesday.


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