Friday Update

It continues to rain here. We’ve been in drought, but I think it must be coming to an end. Area lakes are filled back up and some are overflowing.

The bad weather has meant the hole in our roof has not yet been fixed. But two good things happened with regard to this problem. First of all, I phoned the insurance company back and the adjuster listened to my story of the wet ceiling and said he would send an additional check without even making another trip out here. Nice! Secondly, our neighbor put on a new patch on the roof and it seems to be holding well and will stay there until we have have multiple days of dry weather in the forecast.

The city’s plan to repave Rachel’s driveway, sidewalk, and street didn’t happen either. Yesterday we saw they had the rebar set up, but today it had turned into a reflecting pool!

20150514_145052 20150515_163801


In other news, we’ve learned of the latest rage in preschool toys–no more tricycles, big wheels, or training wheels.  Micah and Emma are out running around on striders–also known as prebikes and balance bikes.  They are little two-wheelers without  pedals!  We checked them out online and saw a video of the Grand Prix of Striding!  I wish the hill where these babies live wasn’t so steep!



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