Rachel, the Landlord

Well, it has become official: Rachel is now a landlord. We had put an advertisement at the Center to see if she could find someone who was interested in renting her townhouse–someone she felt she could trust to take care of her place and allow us to leave some stuff in storage without worry.

We had put June 1 as the date her townhouse would be available, and one week before that we got the one and only bite at that ad. We had gotten very close to the idea of selling, but then this young family called. (Strangely, we had gotten three different families very interested in buying, but only this one interested in renting, and no where had we advertised it as for sale.)  This family doesn’t own much furniture, so worked out well for us too–they will get good use out of all the furniture Rachel left behind and we didn’t have to find a way to dispose of or store it.

The agreed upon price is really a bit low in that it doesn’t quite cover the cost of the mortgage + required homeowners fees, and provides nothing to set aside for repairs. However, it is a lot better than no income and having it sit empty! In the mean time Rachel sold three antique dressers, three bookshelves, and a heavy-duty air filter as a way to (almost) cover the mortgage for one of the vacant months.

We worked like crazy last week to finish packing up Rachel’s stuff, repacking Andrew’s stuff, and cleaning the place within an inch of its life! We washed all the carpets to get rid of cat hair since the new occupant is allergic. Gary swept out the garage and put a few leftover building supplies in the attic. We threw a lot of stuff away, donated even more to the boutique, and packed stuff away for a later time and place.  Here is layer one in the Narnia room (that is, the hidden room off the back of a bedroom closet), stuff belonging to Andrew and Laura.


Here is layer two, stuff belonging to Rachel:20150605_203806

The music room at our house is now another storage room. Some of this will go into the apartment if things work out for Rachel to move there in late fall.



It was emotionally a little hard for Rachel to hand over the keys to the renters, but the woman sensed this and put her arm around Rachel and said, “Don’t worry.  We’ll take good care of your house.”  🙂


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