First, I need to share a sign I found at work. It will go in the book I’m writing called “Only At My Place of Work.” There will be a chapters on: snakes, rats, cockroaches, airplanes, airports, food, and, of course, toilets.


My big accomplishment for today was installing a new modem as required by our cable internet provider. The process wasn’t without problems, but now it is working and we seem to have four different wireless networks one can link to!


A couple nights ago Gary and I wandered in to Pizza Inn–I don’t think we had been there in 20 years.  It had cheap pizza buffet for old people on Tuesdays, including scalloped potato pizza.  Actually, it wasn’t half bad!


Rachel has a little job this week, so we aren’t seeing much of her.  She is spending the week at the home of a special-needs girl while the girl’s parents are out of town.  Rachel picks her up from school each day and then plays Candy Land without end!  Another woman is there part of the time too, so they are tag-teaming with meal prep, trips to the park, and more Candy Land.  The parents left money for them to go out to eat, so I think they’re doing that a lot too.


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