Mourning the Loss

…of more trees. I’m not exactly a treehugger, but I sure am sad to lose our shade. We’ve had to remove three large trees close to the house in the past two years.

This Bodark we think was 75-100 years old.  About 20 years ago we had an arborist insert a metal cable to keep two halves of it from splitting.  At that time, he said it was the biggest Bodark tree he had ever seen. As you can see from the photos, it was rotting from the inside. The tree cutters told us a swarm of honey bees flew out when the big trunk hit the ground.




And if that weren’t enough we decided we had to also take down the Fruitless Mulberry tree in the back.  It was leaning severely, changing the plane of the deck.  We were pretty sure that if we didn’t take it out, it would fall and take that section of the deck with it.  So now we have a huge mess in the back of the house that we can’t do much about until we take care of the mess in the front of the house.  I probably have to call the city of Dallas and see if they can come, for a consideration, to pick up the first batch.  I also plan to spread the word around that we have free firewood for the taking!







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