Big Spenders and Good Kids

David sent me this cute photo of Micah and Emma on their way to the dollar store to buy playdoh. (Knock-off playdoh, I might add.) Apparently the dog ate the previous playdoh.  Micah just turned 4 on Saturday but he kinda had his celebrations early to share with Emma.

CgAAG1V-H26EcAVMAAAAAC1ViqQ513David told me he (David, not Micah) got two awards recently for their end-of-year program, and they both had a $200 gift with them. Nice!  And that reminds me that Andrew told me a very similar story recently about his end-of-year program where he got two very nice awards as well, with cash attached as well.   One of David’s was for something like “best researcher” and one of Andrew’s was for something like “best teaching assistant.”  My, what capable kids I have, huh?? 😉

Speaking of capable kids, today is Rachel’s last day of taking care of a special-needs girl and she has done a really good job with this (for very little pay). I took the two of them to The Parks Mall on Saturday and we all took turns riding the carousel which special ed kids get to do for free.  Rachel also started helping in her church’s VBS this morning and that will go for each morning this week.

In other news kinda related to our kids, I was interested to hear that the spacecraft that landed on that comet back in November has come back to life and is transmitting data back to earth via its Rosetta mother ship.  You remember my post about the work of our kids (and our colleagues) being on the Rosetta disk attached to that mother ship.  Of course it is silly, but the whole idea of that makes me smile.


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