Rachel Sells Her Phone at the Grocery Store

Rachel has been divesting herself of some of her junk, some for money and some to the boutique. She has sold bookshelves, antique dressers, a heavy-duty air filter, paper shredder, dishes, computer speakers, kitchen gadgets, etc.  She made a little money and made a little space.

We saw a machine at the mall that buys old tablets and cell phones–who would have thought?! Then we discovered one of these machines at our local grocery store, right next to the ATM.  She had a not-so-old-but-very-cranky cell phone she wasn’t using, so why not try to get a few dollars out of it?  She didn’t get that much $ for the phone, but it was good to be rid of it (this particular phone was associated with lots of bad memories AND it didn’t work very well!).

Watch this video (less than 2 minutes) that I took of Rachel interacting with this picky machine. Turn up the sound to hear it calling her a movie star. 🙂


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