Clean up around this place continues. Finally, all remnants of the tree slaughter have been cleaned away. We found holes in the roots which made good places to dump piles of sawdust.  Early this morning I repaired the wheelbarrow (again) so we could haul off the last bits.  Now our front yard looks like a smooth and barren wasteland with no trees, no grass, just HOT sun.  Sad.  At least we have the Emma tree planted, and it is doing well.



After that, Rachel and I rounded up the two cats and took them to a low-cost vaccination place over on Main street.  They don’t get along that well with each other, and they weren’t happy with the trip to the vet, but at least they are legal for the next 3 years.  (Today we learned that the every-year vaccine is now a 3-year one.)


Then after that, Gary and I went to the Center to celebrate Dick and Nancy Bergman’s 50th anniversary.  Nancy is an alto with me in choir.  Their kids and grandkids put on a lovely party.  I held my breath as the 4-tier cake was listing to starboard, but it didn’t fall.  They also had lots of good food and this cute fruit arrangement.


My birthday is long over, but I took this photo of all the nice cards I got.  I got some cash, too, so I think I spend it on our upcoming vacation.


Summer brings blueberries from Canada and Michigan and they were so cheap last week I bought 4 pints and made this yummy cobbler.  I took it to the office it it vanished like magic during coffee break.



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