The Purge Continues

I know it wasn’t fun or easy, but Gary agreed that 35 years’ worth of paper journals stacked away in a closet wasn’t doing anyone any good. At this stage of life, an empty closet is a better option. We took them to the recycle bin and have begun to fill the closet with Rachel’s stuff.



DSC07939In other news, our in-house workshop to test some new software that will be used for editing the Ethnologue went well and we took a photo of our group.

OSCAR workshop July 2015 Fennig Lewis LSimons Evans GSimons White Johnson

We also did a panoramic shot which produces an odd perspective (click for a better view).



In other news, I have a couple cake orders to fill this coming week, so I’ve been doing a little experimenting.  One person wants green, white, and silver cake pops–gluten free!  Here’s my second try–the first try was so bad I didn’t even take photos!



Gary is working very hard these days to be ready for the workshop in Brisbane, Australia where the new Ethnologue editing software will get its first workout.  Lots to do to be ready and we’ve got vacation to enjoy between now and then too!  We are looking forward to spending some grandma and grandpa time with Isabella–and auntie time too, since Rachel is going to go with us as well.  We’ve contacted the church in Ithaca which has supported us all these years and we will be spending a bit of time with the new pastor and a couple week-day prayer groups.



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