Vacation Has Ended

15-07-29 Trip to Ithaca to babysit for 10th anniversary

We had a very early morning to catch a 6am flight departing from Ithaca today, but all went well and we arrived home safely with our ride waiting for us at the airport.  Our wonderful renters had taken great care of the house and cats, making it a very easy transition home.  We’ve unpacked and hung up all the clothes, and I’ve cleaned up all my photos and finished this (rather lengthy) online photo album.  It is arranged in approximate chronological order with a few captions to explain.  Later I may post some flower and bird photos, but for now, this is just the travelogue and falls photos.  Go back and look at it again, lots of new photos added.

We had a great visit.  Isabella is a delight and well-behaved.  She is very communicative (but sometimes just a little bossy), inquisitive about all kinds of things, energetic,  and a great reader.   She missed her parents, but didn’t cry even once.  She happily did household chores when asked.  We loved babysitting, and Rachel loved being there too.  I gave her an old camera I had, and she seemed to love taking photos.  She quickly learned how to managed the battery recharging, etc.  We’ll see if she can find a computer to upload them to!  Actually, I borrowed a couple to put in the above album.

Andrew still has the rest of the week in Italy at his conference.  Laura is back to work, too.  Gary worked from home this afternoon, since we got home before lunchtime.  He’s got a full plate for the rest of the month, especially getting ready to leave for Australia August 22.  Rachel and I need to go to the grocery store, but it is too hot!


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