Off to Australia

Gary and his team have worked hard this week to be ready to fly to Brisbane, Australia tomorrow. The Ethnologue editors will be rolling out new software for editing the Ethnologue from the field. It is not likely to be smooth sailing, because first versions of software never are, but the idea has been long in coming. If this works, it will be a step in the direction of making the data in the Ethnologue more accurate and up-to-date.  Here is the bookcase that holds the old versions of the Ethnologue–63 years of history.




In other news, Gary got his new Ocutech this week. The glasses part is new (with bifocals), but the microtelescope part is from his old one. It has been so long since he has driven, he needs to relearn how to use them. 20150819_105158

Our renters moved out today.  They were great folks and we are sad to see them go.  The plan at the moment is to look for a few temporary renters, then Stan E. will be staying out there in early November.  After that, Rachel may move out there if she has a job, or not.

Rachel and I filled a cake order this week too, cupcakes for a coworker’s “adopted” daughter who has just gone off to college the week of her birthday.  Her college’s colors are maroon and gold, and I had some edible gold spray paint left from a 50th anniversary cake that worked just right.  Rachel has learned to make the icing and of course helps clean the kitchen during the process, so that is a big help.



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