Will Labor for BBQ

We started early this Labor Day morning: cleaning the shelves, soaking the wood chips, cutting the slabs of meat in half. We really didn’t know what we were doing, but after getting a few clues from YouTube videos, we decided to give it a try.


Baby back ribs, chicken legs, spare ribs


apple wood chips soaked in water


trying to make it all fit


Yes, it is smoking, once we got the temperature regulated.  Now wait about 5-6 hours, with occasional trips outside to empty the grease drippings tray.


The blue bowl contains smoked mushrooms marinated in meat drippings!

Auntie Carol, just back from England, joined us for a late lunch and it tasted, if I do say so myself, not half bad.  Carol brought potato salad and Rachel and I made slaw, fruit salad, and that lime jello-pineapple-carrot salad that my dad used to like.

Later I deboned, degristled, and defatted the spare ribs and now we have packages of pulled pork for sandwiches or salads in the upcoming weeks.

Now I need to rest a little (Gary is asleep while “watching” golf) and then I’ve got to put a cake order together for delivery early tomorrow morning.


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